Introductory Mbira- Kariga mombe

Teacher: Erica Azim

Age Levels: Any age

Skill Levels: Introductory/Beginner

Topics: Mbira

Audio recording allowed. No video recording.

Cost: $28

Your first mbira lesson! You will learn how to hold the instrument, listen to mbira, and basic concepts, as well as learning to play the mbira piece Kariga mombe ("Undefeatable"). If you are thinking of learning mbira, but have never tried it, this workshop is for you.

Student Materials

Nyamaropa tuning mbiras will be provided. Grow out your thumbnails and right forefingernail, and/or by a set of picks at (item 5000 or 5001) - to avoid sore thumbs your first time.

Session Location Length
Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM) McNary Floor 2 Lounge 2 hours

Workshop Enrollment

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10 10 N/A
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