Intermediate Mbira- Nyuchi

Teacher: Joel Lindstrom

Age Levels: Teens, Adults

Skill Levels: Intermediate

Topics: Mbira

Audio recording allowed. No video recording.

Cost: $28

The song of the bees. A beautiful piece, deceptively simple, a circle in which it's difficult to discern a beginning. I'll teach Cosmas Magaya's version, kushaura and kutsinhira both. Though it's often played in gandanga tuning, I'll be teaching it as I learned it, in Cosmas' nyamaropa tuning.

Student Materials

Bring an mbira in Cosmas Magaya's standard nyamaropa tuning.

Session Location Length
Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM) McNary Floor 6 Lounge 2 hours

Workshop Enrollment

Current Students Workshop Spaces Remaining Space
5 10 5
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