Ronnie Daliyo

Ronnie Daliyo was a principal dancer and musician with Mhembero Dance Company for 10 years. He is an inspiring and powerful dancer, marimba player, drummer, and teacher. He has toured the US and has been a workshop instructor in Oakland, at the Zimbabwean Music Festival in Olympia, the Mosaic Men's Retreat in Mendocino, and many other schools and studios across the country. He is a guest performer and teacher with the Chinyakare Ensemble of Oakland. He is available to teach workshops throughout North America in dance, drumming, marimba, and vocals.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Intermediate Drumming- Chinyambera
Drumming: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Session 2 (Fri 1:00 PM) 4/20 students
Intensive: Intermediate Marimba- Sarura Wako
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Intermediate, Advanced
Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM), Session 5 (Sat 1:00 PM) 1/10 students
Advanced Drumming- Mhande
Drumming: Teens, Adults; Advanced
Session 8 (Sun 3:30 PM) 0/25 students
Drumming- Hoso/Amabhiza
Drumming: Teens, Adults; Any skill level
Session 4 (Sat 9:30 AM) 4/20 students