Michael Breez

Michael Breez, teacher, performer, director and composer, has dedicated 32 years to the study of Shona music from Zimbabwe. With the guidance and support of his mentor, the late Dr. Abraham Dumisani Maraire, Michael has toured several areas of the US. Together they performed in Mozambique and Zimbabwe in the early 80's. In 1991, Michael and his wife Osha, founded the Rufaro School of Marimba, and later the professional performing/recording group Musasa Marimba Ensemble. Michael currently teaches marimba to people of all ages throughout the western United States including Alaska and Hawaii. He offers marimba classes, workshops and retreats for the general public, private and public schools and in youth correctional/rehabilitation programs. Michael also instructs and coaches professional marimba ensembles in Canada the United States, and Europe.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Intermediate Marimba- Responding to Lead
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Intermediate, Advanced
Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM) 6/14 students
Intermediate Marimba- Rukudzo
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Intermediate, Advanced
Session 1 (Fri 9:30 AM) 14/14 students
Advanced Marimba-Taisirewa
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Advanced
Session 2 (Fri 1:00 PM) 11/14 students
Beginning Marimba- Zomba
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner
Session 5 (Sat 1:00 PM) 12/12 students