Julia Chigamba

Julia Tsitsi Chigamba is a master dancer, singer, and instrumentalist from Zimbabwe. She grew up in the rich tradition of generations of dancers and musicians specializing in individual and community ceremonies. Julia's father, Tute Chigamba, is a respected Gwenyambira (mbira master) and her mother, Laiza Chigamba, was a traditional dancer and musician. Julia's sister, Irene Chigamba, was a member of the National Dance Company Of Zimbabwe and founder of Young Zimbabweans. In the 80's, after Zimbabwe gained independence, the Young Zimbabweans became the Mhembero Dance Troupe and Julia became a member. Julia moved to the U.S. in 1999 and founded the Chinyakare Dance Ensemble and Tawanda MuChinyakare in 2000. Tawanda MuChinyakare is a bridge between cultures, tribes, elders, youth and ancestors that seeks to introduce new cultural perspectives, strengthen positive aspects of heritage and expand cultural imagination. Julia's classes provide an opportunity for students to learn and experience traditional African dance and rhythms and to learn about the culture, the language and the vocal traditions of the Shona Tribes of Zimbabwe. Julia is eager to pass on the knowledge of her family and to bring the traditional wisdom and culture of Zimbabwe to the Western Hemisphere.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Dance- Dinhe
Dance: Any age; Any skill level
Session 8 (Sun 3:30 PM) 14/30 students
Mbira Dance
Dance: Any age; Any skill level
Session 5 (Sat 1:00 PM) 18/30 students
Harvest Dance (mbakumba)
Dance: Adults; Any skill level
Session 1 (Fri 9:30 AM) 17/30 students