Jaiaen Beck

Jaiaen Beck was introduced to a life-transforming path through a lecture on Shona spirituality given by the late Dr. Abraham Dumisani Maraire. Since 1990 she has worked with many teachers studying Shona music, cosmology, and healing traditions. In 1993 she founded Ancient Ways, which is a charitable non-profit organization that encourages preservation of life-giving traditional ways of indigenous peoples and is based in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley. Since then, Jaiaen has taught music to people of all ages both locally and nationally in community and school settings as well as correctional institutions. Through Ancient Ways, Jaiaen co-founded Nhimbe for Progress in 1999, and Jangano in 2005, two separate rural community development projects, providing a link for people to connect and offer humanitarian aid to rural Zimbabwe.

Name Sessions Enrollment
Presentation- Shona Herbs and Healing Approaches
Presentations: Any age; Any skill level
Session 2 (Fri 1:00 PM) 13/50 students
Introduction to Hosho
Hosho: Any age; Introductory/Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Session 7 (Sun 1:00 PM) 7/20 students
Introductory Marimba- Kgopotso
Marimba: Any age; Introductory/Beginner
Session 1 (Fri 9:30 AM) 10/10 students
Advanced beginning Marimba- Kukaiwa
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner, Advanced Beginner
Session 8 (Sun 3:30 PM) 8/10 students