East McNary Lawn

Name Teacher(s) Session Enrollment
Introductory Hosho- Do Not Fear the Hosho
Hosho: Any age; Introductory/Beginner
MyLinda King Session 1 (Fri 9:30 AM) 13/15 students
Hosho for Marimba Players
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Jennifer Kyker Session 2 (Fri 1:00 PM) 20/20 students
Intermediate Hosho
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Kurai Mubaiwa Session 3 (Fri 3:30 PM) 3/20 students
Mbira Style Hosho
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Any skill level
Renold Shonhai Session 5 (Sat 1:00 PM) 9/15 students
Beginning Hosho
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner
MyLinda King Session 6 (Sat 3:30 PM) 20/20 students
Introduction to Hosho
Hosho: Any age; Introductory/Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Jaiaen Beck Session 7 (Sun 1:00 PM) 7/20 students
Advanced Hosho- Flashy Hosho Tricks
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Advanced
Musekiwa Chingodza Session 8 (Sun 3:30 PM) 8/15 students