How to Register for Zimfest

  1. Create an Account

    Once on the Zimfest Website, go to the Create Account link in the upper right of the page. Complete the form to make an account. If you need additional help filling out the form, follow these directions.

  2. Participants

    Once you've created your account, you will redirected to the Add Participant page. A "participant" is a name for anyone who attends Zimfest. A Zimfest account can manage one or more participants. This allows one account to manage a group of participants (say, a family), or just a single one. Follow this link for help creating participants.

  3. Register for Workshops

    While logged into the Zimfest site, you can browse workshops just like any other user. You can browse workshops by teacher, session, location, or filter through the various information associated with a workshop to find those that interest you. Once you find one you like, click on its title to be taken to its page.

    The workshop's individual page includes detailed information about workshop, as well as the number of students currently enrolled. To register for a workshop, scroll to the bottom of the workshop page, and by the participant that wishes to register click "Register for this workshop". You will be taken to a page to confirm your registration. Click "Register for Workshop" to confirm, and you're done. A green confirmation message will pop up on the next page, informing you of your success.

    If for some reason you were unable to register for a class, other messages will be displayed indicating why. Keep in mind that Zimfest won't allow you to register for a workshop if it conflicts with your other workshops (including those a participant is teaching), or if the workshop filled up while you were on the confirmation page. While this last scenario is unlikely, it is possible if you're trying to nab the last spot in a popular workshop.

    Follow this link if you need additional help registering for workshops.

  4. Register for Housing, Meals, and Concerts

    Register each of your participants for housing, meals, and concert tickets. Follow this link for detailed help signing up for housing, meals, and concerts..

  5. Pay for Zimfest

    To pay, go to the Pay for Zimfest page. Here you will find a summary of all your participants, which includes their workshops, housing, and payment status. Click on the "Pay for Zimfest" button on this page to select your method of payment. You may pay using PayPal (recommended), or by check.

    After you have paid, you can still register for more workshops. Any additional charges can be paid for in the same manner.

    Follow this link for detailed directions to pay for Zimfest.