Zimfest Costs

Registration Fee

There is a $10 registration fee per participant when signing up for workshops, housing or meals.


Workshop prices vary, but are listed in the Workshop Search, and on each workshop's individual page.

Housing and Meals

Housing costs $35.00 per night per participant in a double room with one other participant. Housing for a participant alone in a double room costs $40 per night. A $5.00 discount will be applied to any room for which linens are not requested. Due to fire regulations, only two participants may register for a double room.

Meals are charged individually; breakfast is $6.00, lunch $7.75 and dinner $9.25. You will receive a $5.00 discount per participant on any day for which that participant purchases housing and all three meals. Meals may be purchased at any time, even on days for which a participant has not signed up for housing. Meals for children ages 4-10 will be charged 50%. Meals for children 3 years and younger are free.

Concert Tickets

Evening concerts will occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 20-22 from 7:00 PM to 12:30 AM at the LaSells Stewart Center. Tickets are $15 per concert or $40 for all three nights. Children aged 0-3 are free. Children aged 4-10 are one-half price.

Performers at an evening concert can attend for free on the night of their performance and can purchase ticket for the two other night ticket for $25.

More information

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@2010.zimfest.org.